Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Morning Millet

Even though it's started to heat up here in London (finally!), I'm still not ready to give up my porridge in the morning. 

I like gluten free grains and lately have been enjoying millet. Although it looks like a grain, millet is actually a seed! It's very easy to digest and is jam packed with vitamins and minerals; magnesium, calcium, maganese, tryptophan, phoshorus, fiber and b vitamins. 

Here is the way I like to eat it in the morning:

My Morning Millet Recipe

Serves 1
  • 6 tbsp millet flakes 
  • 300mL water
  • splash of milk (I like unsweetened soy milk, almond milk or rice milk) 
  • 1/2 tbsp chopped almonds
  • 1/2 tbsp sunflower seeds
  • 2 tbsp raspberries (I used thawed frozen raspberries)
  • teaspoon tahini

  • Add millet flakes and 200mL of the water to saucepan over a medium to low heat.
  • Stir the millet as it heats up, it should take only a minute before it starts to simmer. Once thickened add the remaining 100mL of water and stir in.
  • Continue to stir and add a splash of milk. (I used unsweetened soy milk)

At this stage you should have a lovely creamy consistency

  • Now simply add your toppings! Throw on the almonds, sunflower seeds and raspberries. I like to then spoon out my tahini and pop the spoon straight in the bowl ready to dig in. 


You might even want to add a couple of drops of stevia in the first stages of cooking to sweeten it up. Millet flakes can taste a slightly bitter if you're not use to it. Stevia is a great way to ease your taste buds in ;)

Easy peasy! 


  1. OMG looks delish...! But won't be eating this in Australia till winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It's winter here in London so it's a staple at the minute for me! :-)