Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sweetheart Tacos: A Leafy Love Affair

I am a big fan of leafy wraps/tacos. They are so bright and fresh! I did a little post about tacos using napa cabbage a little while back and although they are delicious I have found new leafy love: sweetheart cabbage. 

Before you squint your face at cabbage... read on!

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Sweetheart cabbage leaves (also known as pointed cabbage) are a soft yet crisp texture and have a sweeter taste compared to other cabbage leaves. This makes them the perfect little shell for your taco filling.

Sweetheart Tacos
  • Sweetheart cabbage leaves
  • Fillings: I used red and white quinoa, tuna, cherry tomatoes, celery, olive oil, lemon, dill.

  • Peel desired amount of leaves off the cabbage, wash and set aside to dry. 
  • Cut, prep and/or cook your fillings. 
  • Serve your filling in a bowl and scoop into leaves as you go. Pinch together like a taco, eat and enjoy!

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