Friday, 2 November 2012

Foodies On Friday: The Healthy Tradie

Dane a.k.a The Healthy Tradie is a fun loving foodie who shares his vibrant colourful meals in the hope to inspire others. And in my opinion is king of the eggies.

His main goal is to show people how easy it is to eat healthy and that is what shines through in his recipes. They are clean and easy to follow yet interesting and look delicious! I am always motivated by his posts and how much life is in his meals. Always focused around fresh organic ingredients, these dishes are healthy food to fuel.

What Dane has to say:

"When I found out I was Gluten and Dairy intolerant I thought my life was over! Its taken me close to four years of reading, talking to health conscious people and testing an array of foods to get in tune with my body. I want to change the perception of all tradesman just eating meat pies and cans of coke.
Currently working on my blog which will be up shortly...stay tuned!"
A must try recipe:
Basically any of his eggie recipes. In particular this one:

"Soft Boiled Eggies Rolled in Blitzed up Nori Sheets, Paprika and Salt. It is quite a salty flavour so be prepared. Squeezed Lime instead of Lemon for a change w/ some Extra Virgin Olive Oil"
For more foodie inspiration and healthy ideas connect with The Healthy Tradie:

Instagram: @dane11sen


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