Friday, 26 October 2012

Foodies on Friday: Purely Twins

Lori and Michelle are twin sisters, bloggers, entrepreneurs, chefs, bakers, fitness gurus and plank champions. (Seriously they can hold plank for 5 minutes!) Introducing... PurelyTwins



Formally known as Pure2Raw, these girls are so clever in the kitchen and this is what first drew me to their blog. The have many cleverly made treats and snacks focused around health. After a while I found myself not only going back to check their latest creation but to also read about their latest workout regime, what they have been eating and new things they have discovered. I like that the girls routines are always changing, in their workouts and in the kitchen. Different things work for them at different times and it is always inspiring to read their latest discovery and watch them evolve. 

What I also love about the fact that they share their eats is the simple yet interesting combinations they create. In particular avocado protein pudding and tahini, coconut oil and pumpkin.

What Michelle and Lori have to say:

"Our blog is about motivation, inspiration, FUN,and being passionate about what you love. About having self respect and learning to be strong (physically and mentally). Be yourself and learn to be self-confident."
A must try recipe:

Protein Thin Mint Cookies

Thank you for the ongoing inspiration and motivation girls!

Connect with PurelyTwins:



Twitter: @purelytwins

Instagram: @purelymichelle @purelylori

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