Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mock Mashed Potato

We are coming into comfort food craving season! Nothing like a nice hot meal to warm you up and fill you up. And there is nothing wrong with it, especially when you can give naughty comfort foods a nice healthy make over. 

Did you know that white potatoes actually spike your blood sugar levels more than sugar?!? Yikes! Did you also know that mashed potato is the worst offender because it has already been broken down (mashed) so it is digested quicker --> even quicker blood sugar spike! And what happens when your blood sugar levels go soaring?? They have to come plummeting back down, leaving you tired and moody. 

What if I said I had a recipe that tasted like creamy mashed potatoes, filled you up and gave you that same comforting feeling, but it wasn't potato??

Mock Mashed Potato

Serves 2-3 


  • 1 medium head of cauliflower 
  • 3-4 tbsp milk of choice
  • fresh parsley (optional)


  • Chop cauliflower and steam until cooked
  • Place steamed cauliflower in a food processor and blend. 
  • Add 3 tbsp of milk (I used soy) and continue to blend until smooth. Add more milk one tbsp at a time, only if needed. 
  • Add in a pinch of parsley if desired and continue to blend. 
  • Serve up and enjoy

It honestly tastes like mashed potato! Try serving it without telling anyone and see if they notice ;)

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