Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Favourite London Restaurant

 One day I was wandering around Soho completely lost and getting a little frustrated, I could not find my way back to the tube station! Then I stumbled across this beautiful place...

 Vantra is an organic vegan restaurant which focuses on healthy, gently cooked, nourishing whole foods. They don't use sugar, dairy, regular wheat or trans fat. This food is ALIVE and as soon as you walk in the ambiance gives you a boost of good energy. 

The way it works:

There are a few options to chose from, you can buy a plate for 
£11.90 where you fill your plate once with anything from the buffet style set up. This also comes with a little soup bowl. Or you can buy a plate for £14.90 and fill it as many times as you like. They also have takeaway options. 

I went on the weekend with my friends Amy and Elisse  I opted for the one visit plate as I wanted to save room for their delicious drinks. This was my plate - food made with love! There is always so much I want to try so my plate ends up a little bit overloaded... I still manage to finish it off. 

This is my favourite dish - sprouted chickpea coconut curry. 

After I let my food settle a little I got this raw cacao iced latte made from almond milk from their living drinks menu.

The girls got a piece of cake. Steamed cake! I've got to try making a steamed cake. 

Steamed mixed berry cake

Steamed green tea cake

Smashed it! So delicious

One thing that would be great is a bit more consistency with signs for the food. Sometimes I've been and everything is labelled and other times there are no labels. I like to know what is in everything and it would also help people out with food allergies. Other then that, two thumbs up!

If your in London and want to try some real food which will fill you up but leave you feeling light I would highly recommend Vantra. I can't get enough of it.


Amy and Elisse

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  1. Yum! would love to go there and try the steamed cake :)