Sunday, 7 April 2013

Bonjour from Paris!


Right now I'm sat in an apartment in Paris and as I write this my eyes keep wandering out the window to the people walking down this very pretty street lined with the bakeries, little cafes and restaurants - I love this place. 

My parents came to visit me in London as part of their Europe travels and I have joined them in Paris, which was their next stop. I'm taking a little blog break and have already found so much inspiration here for things I want to make. Including a sugar-free version of these:

I tried I dark chocolate one today, yum! 

During our site seeing we found a fresh food market. It was SO busy and after wandering through we could see why. There was the freshest fruit and vegetables, fish, cheese, bread, nuts and dried fruit. AND all pretty cheap. It was definitely not a tourist attraction as no one really spoke English. (Which made it all the more fun to try and buy things.)

Here is our haul from our market adventure:

Missing from this photo is a couple of perfectly ripe avocados, coriander hummus and smoked salmon. All of which I have enjoyed on plenty a rice cake with some cheese too. As well as a little nibble out of nearly every macaron to try the different flavours. And the strawberries... so good! After the amount of walking and stair climbing we have done I feel this is justified... :-) 

I'm still on the hunt for proper socca (the traditional version of lentil bread). It's more commonly found in Nice but I'm sure it's gotta be around here somewhere!

Without wishing the time away, I'm already excited to get back in the kitchen and start creating. Until then I'm officially unplugging.

Au revoir!

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