Monday, 28 January 2013

London Healthy Eating Guide

I've lived in London for almost 3 years now (wow!) and I have made my way around discovering healthy and delicious places to eat. 

If you live in London or are just visiting check out these places, you won't be disappointed.  They will give you nourishing food and a party in your mouth.


Inspiral LoungeCamden
Amazing smoothies, juices, hot drinks and raw cakes. They also stock their own products including kale chips, raw muesli and slices of raw cake to go. A small selection of savoury vegan food. Tom's favourite place for the most delicious raw vegan ice cream.

Raw vegan ice cream.

Wild Food CafeCovent Garden
Vegan cafe with raw options. 

42 RawPicadilly Circus
Raw vegan food ranging from lunch/dinner to sweets, snacks, smoothies and juices. 


Saf Kensington 
Spectacular gourmet meals, mostly raw food, all vegan.

Vitao Soho
Sister restaurant to my all time favourite (and now sadly closed) Vantra
Organic raw food menu as well as vegan buffet with some raw items. Delicious juice bar, hot drinks and dessert.

Food for ThoughtCovent Garden
Vegetarian food with a menu that changes everyday. Bursting with life and colour. Awesome healthy comfort food. 

Butterbean casserole with mixed salad.


Crussh Juice BarAcross London

Whole Foods MarketKensington/Camden/Piccadilly

Apple, cucumber, celery, kale and ginger juice.

Snog Pure Frozen Yoghurt - Across Central London
Organic frozen yoghurt. Flavours range from plain, mango and green tea with plenty of toppings to chose from.  

Healthy Food Chains Across London:

Crussh Juice Bar and Fit Food - Across London
Juice and smoothie bar with salads and snacks.

Tossed - Across London
Salad Bar with a wide range of vegetarian/vegan and meat options.

Hummus Bros - Across Central London
Fresh, natural ingredients where hummus starts out as the base of your meal and you build it from there. Adding toppings such as chicken, falafel or Moroccan meatballs. 

Leon - Across London
A funky little chain of restaurants with a focus on natural ingredients. Menu ranges from breakfast, lunch and dinner with also snacks, desserts and drinks. My favourite are the little poached egg pots you can get at breakfast.

Fresh ginger steeper: a lot of fresh ginger and hot water.

Health Food Shops:

Whole Foods Market - Kensington/Piccadilly Circus/Camden
Everything from groceries, fruit and veg, organic meat and fish, supplements, body care, cleaning products, organic alcohol as well as a lovely food court with many eat in and take away options. Can be a little on the pricey side but the biggest selection all in one place. 

Revital - Across London
Stocks organic health food, sports nutrition, minerals and supplements.

Holland and Barrett - Across London
Mostly vitamins, minerals and supplements. Stocks health food however some nasties sneak their way into this shop so check those labels and think before you buy. 

Planet Organic - Across London
Organic groceries, fresh food, vitamins and supplements, body care products. 


Borough Market - London Bridge
Huge selection of fresh produce and gourmet ingredients. There is also a selection of stalls which sell lunch/dinner. You will have a ball taste testing everything in sight.

Broadway Market - Hackney
Awesome market vibe with really cool cafes/bars along the road where the markets run down. A mixture between fresh produce and lunch/dinner food from around the globe. 

Swiss Cottage Farmers Markets - Swiss Cottage
A great mid-week destination for a supply of farm fresh meat, poultry, dairy, veg, fruit, cheese, game, eggs, fish and much more. I often buy organic greens from here and they stay fresh for so long.

Camden Lock Markets - Camden
Huge range of foods from around the globe, mostly stalls selling meals and snacks. More options on weekends. 

You can get fresh coconut water here and when you are finished with it,
take it back and they will chop it up for you so you can eat the coconut flesh. YUM.

Have you been to London? Have you tried any of these places out? Or is there something I missed? Let me know in the comments below.


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