Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Where have I been? + Napa Tacos

I have just gotten back to London after an amazing cruise around Northern Europe; eating, exploring, laughing and more eating! I'm feeling fresh and full of new ideas. I'm also looking forward to getting more regular with my posts so stay tuned!

It is very easy to overeat on a cruise as most meals are buffet style. You just want to try a bit of this that and before you know it you've eaten 3 times as much as you normally would have! Not to mention the food can be heavy depending on what you choose to eat. Needless to say I had a great time trying many different foods and enjoyed eating a few things I normally wouldn't. Back I'm back to reality and excited to get back in the kitchen. It was a challenge not to be in control of making my meals but was also a nice break.

So with motivation to get back on track here is what I had for dinner.

Napa Tacos

  • Napa cabbage leaves (a.k.a chinese cabbage. Any large leaf will work)
  • Fillings: Anything you like! I used tomato, spring onion, parsley, tahini as well as sea salt, pepper and garlic. 

  • Peel desired amount of leaves off the cabbage, wash and set aside to dry. 
  • Cut, prep and/or cook your fillings. 
  • Serve your filling in a bowl and scoop into leaves as you go. Pinch together like a taco, eat and enjoy!

I love napa cabbage. To me it tastes more like a lettuce as it has a nice fresh crunch. It's also pretty firm so the leaves make a little bowl for your filling. 

You can't really go wrong with this recipe so give it a go!

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