Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My Local Farmers' Markets


Every Wednesday in Swiss Cottage there is a great little set up of farmers' markets. I have been meaning to go for so long and finally got there last Wednesday. They have organic fruit and veg, fish, meat, milk, cheese, bread, eggs, flowers and more. 

I was looking forward to just checking it all out but also on the hunt for some organic greens. 




I loved the atmosphere and think I have been converted into a Farmers' Market goer! Below is what I returned home with. 

Embarrassingly I can't remember what type of lettuce is on the left, then there is fennel in the middle, wild rocked next to that and below are edible flowers! The veggies were so fresh and lasted a good week in my fridge. 

Could not walk past these! I've never tried edible flowers so decided I had to give them a go. 

I tried them here on top of a spinach and quinoa salad. Interesting! I have to say it felt weird eating flowers and they taste like well... flowers! I know they are more for decoration but when you buy edible flowers for the first time you have to eat them right?! I would definitely get them again if I was cooking for others or taking a dish of something to a party. They definitely liven any dish up. 

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